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Many of us love to work with our hands and take pride in our craftsmanship—desk jobs aren’t for everyone. Good news for those that feel the same way, because the time has never been better to secure a job in one of the skilled trades. Trades people in the aging Baby Boomer population are starting to retire from the workforce, which is where the new generation enters the picture.

Eastern College graduates are filling these roles every day. It’s a rare and valuable experience that lets people pursue a career doing something that they love and in which they can take pride. Specifically, we’re offering courses for industrial electricians, construction electricians, welders, and steamfitters. Check out these programs if you like working with your hands!

A greater portion of the baby boomer generation is leaving the workforce. Although it’s not as noticeable as a light switch turning off, it’s a process that’s been happening for years now. The hole in the workforce has grown to a more noticeable size, calling more attention to the need for trade workers than ever before.

What you might not know is that there are over 200 trades practiced across Canada. Not every trades job is practiced everywhere, but there are quite a few nevertheless! They fall into four broad categories:


Construction encompasses between 40% and 50% of all trades-related jobs in Canada, which is why many people immediately think of “construction” in general. Eastern College’s programs generally fall under this category. Welder, construction electrician, and pipefitters all belong to this group—they are in high demand!


Transportation encompasses anything related to the automotive industry and related areas. Most people will probably think of automotive technicians and painters, but have you ever thought of pursuing a career as an aviation technician, or as a fuel systems technician?


Manufacturing is particularly important to Canada’s economy due to the enormous amount of natural resources and materials that we produce. This sector includes toolmakers, millwrights, and precision metal fabricators.


Service encompasses trades that most of us tend to see directly, since they tend to provide services directly to consumers. These include hair stylists, chefs, and florists, among many others. These career paths usually add an element of presentation to their crafts because people see them on a daily basis. If you love interacting with people, then this sector is for you!

Most trades programs take an average of two years to complete, but our intensive courses put you in the driver’s seat after 32 weeks. Aspiring professionals need to begin their careers as soon as possible. We also want to give our graduates the advantage of working in a high-demand trade. Eastern College’s advisors and councillors put a lot of effort into helping students transition from the classroom to the workplace so that they can reap the rewards of their hard work over 32 weeks of study and a placement.

The trades represented the largest portion of the skilled labour shortage even in 2009. Only about one-quarter of Canadian youth plan to enter the trades industry despite the ongoing shortage. High schools simply don’t train students to take up a trade in the way that they once did.

A future career is less than a year away. Let’s have a conversation about how you can craft yours.