Are Your Skills Up To Date?

August 9th, 2017 / By Eastern College

Technology plays a large role in many industries these days and there is a decrease in jobs that do not require at least some computer knowledge. This is particularly true in the world of business, where finances play such a key role in determining a firm’s direction and goals.

hands typing on keyboard of laptop

Taking the time to enhance your computer skills demonstrates your eagerness to learn and take on new challenges.


Eastern College’s Computer Business Applications program gives students an excellent base knowledge that allows them to acquire new software skills or upgrade ones they already have. It helps prepare candidates for the sort of ongoing learning that is commonplace in the world of business.

Personal and Professional Growth

Taking the time to enhance your computer skills demonstrates your eagerness to learn and expand your horizons. Employers appreciate that dedication, and such forward thinking can be a major factor in whether you get a job or earn a raise and/or promotion. Conversely, a lack of interest or outright refusal to upgrade your computer abilities can stunt your growth within the company. Worse yet, it could even get you fired or significantly reduce the available employment opportunities.

Remember that there is likely someone out there who is willing to do what it takes in your position. If you enjoy your job, show your appreciation and take the time to acquire new skills.

Improved Performance

In the working world, technology exists to aid you as well as to increase output and efficiency. Learning computer applications like spreadsheets and database management may seem like a time-consuming annoyance, but as when one acquires any new skill, you must make an investment to reap the gain. These programs help you in your job and will do that once you have mastered them. You will definitely remember this when you can complete tasks that used to take twice as long with greater ease.

Communication Ability

Even the slowest learners know how to send an email, but can you do so on the level that is required of an employee? In addition to knowing your grammar, you must also be able to send attachments and open files. There will be situations where you need to carbon copy others on your email, and other times where it is prudent to blind copy a recipient. Not being able to do the latter properly can lead to serious problems and embarrassment for both you and the company.

Some positions also make use of communication through instant messaging and even social media. You may also need to prepare a presentation using programs like PowerPoint, or produce content suitable for the organization’s website. Staying knowledgeable in areas such as these makes you an extra desirable candidate and a well-rounded employee.

It is not beneficial for a company to employ workers who do not possess the needed degree of computer skills. Such employees are not useful and impede the firm’s ability to generate profit and grow as needed. Eastern College’s Computer Business Applications program prepares students for a career in the business field by providing introductory instruction in such key areas as business math, word processing, presentations, database management, and spreadsheets. Sign up now and get started down the path of continual learning and career success today!