International at Eastern – Shadman’s Story

February 2nd, 2024

With an undergraduate degree in business from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Shadman is no stranger to studying as an international student. Originally from Bangladesh, he completed his bachelor’s degree 7 years ago and moved to Vancouver to complete an MBA. He realized that the MBA path wasn’t for him, as he wanted a program that gave him more flexibility and the time he needed to stay and build a career in Canada as an international student. After coming across Eastern College, Shadman learned about the innovative programs and the provincial pilot program that would allow him to work in Canada upon graduation and enrolled at our Fredericton campus.

As a student studying information technology, he appreciated the hands-on experience his instructor gave him and his fellow students in the classroom. By setting up computers in classrooms for other students, Shadman was able to apply the skills he learned and apply his knowledge in a real-world setting. In addition, his instructor made the classroom learning experience interactive and conducive to learning and was always willing to share his expertise with his students.

On campus, Shadman says that the campus support staff hosted potlucks and events for international students so that they could build a sense of community and meet others within the Eastern College and Fredericton communities. He says that his employment specialist had strong contacts within the industry and that college-organized career fairs helped connect him and his fellow students with employers across New Brunswick.

Shadman is now completing his internship in Moncton, where he continues to develop his skills through studying for certificates and completing hands-on projects. He plans to begin applying for full-time roles in the near future, and is excited to continue building a new life and career in New Brunswick.