I’m excited to finally get out there again! – Rebecca’s Story

November 21st, 2023


After having spent most of her adult life working odd jobs that involved manual labour, cleaning, or working with children, Rebecca’s health took a turn in 2018. After complications and numerous surgeries, she realized that she couldn’t work the same kind of jobs anymore. With her health in mind, she needed to find a career that gave her the flexibility she needed with her health restrictions. Rebecca was always a creative person and had an interest in marketing, and after looking at various schools, she came across the Business and Digital Marketing Specialist program at Eastern. 

She didn’t want to spend four years in school, and she found that Eastern’s compact and specialized program would give her the foundation she needed in areas that interested her. In addition, the program gave her the flexibility she needed to care for her health and to continue to work part-time. Although she studied remotely, she still felt like she was getting up to go to class each day and she and her classmates were continually sharing ideas with one another. Her instructor had real-world experience and facilitated stimulating conversations about a wide variety of digital marketing concepts. 

“By the time I was healthy enough to work again, I already knew what I wanted to do and was eager to start a new career. Eastern College’s Business and Digital Marketing Specialist course was perfect because I was able to learn real applicable skills in a short amount of time. I honestly feel confident I can go on to work in the field straight out of school. I’m excited to finally get out there again!”

During her internship, Rebecca has had the chance to apply what she has learned in real-world settings. Working directly with professionals in the field reinforces that she understands the field and has given her the confidence she needs for the next step in her journey. While she wants to spend a few years exploring everything digital marketing, she hopes to eventually specialize in social media and content writing. For now, she’s excited to expand her knowledge and continue to grow as a marketing professional. When asked about her experience at Eastern, Rebecca says that everyone, from instructors to campus staff, was supportive and committed to her education and future success.