How My Time at Eastern College Made Me a Better Caregiver

November 6th, 2020

PJ Spencer

Having successfully completed the Personal Support Worker Diploma program with distinction and their 9-week internship – this PSW student was hired at the long-term care facility they completed their clinical placement.


I had been out of school for 25 years, and had no post-secondary education prior to attending Eastern College.  I have worked hard my entire life, always working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet.  I never did well in school.  I passed but struggled since grade 1, as I was an extremely shy child.  This affected my self- confidence and prevented me from pushing myself to do more.

Last summer, I finally got up the courage to apply to the PSW course at Eastern College.  I had a passion to help people who were elderly, ill, and disabled.  I was excited, but terrified at the same time.  I had not been in a classroom in so long, could I even do this?

From Day 1 at Eastern I saw so much passion in the Campus Director and staff; I remember being impressed by that!  I knew at that point I was in good hands and it was the right decision.  There was never a moment that I did not feel supported, encouraged and cheered on by the entire staff.  These people truly cared about my success and future and would do anything to ensure I reached my goals.

My PSW instructors were amazing!  Always ensuring everyone in the class understood the material and even catering to all our different learning styles so nobody was left behind.  The classes had a fun and comfortable atmosphere, which made a perfect learning environment.  The course was so interesting and there was so much hands-on learning.  I was always excited to see what I would learn the next day.

I have now successfully completed the PSW course and will be graduating with distinction.  I have also completed the 9-week student placement.  I was hired at the long-term care facility where I completed my clinical placements.  I have realized my passion.  The work is difficult but so rewarding.  I come to work every day with a smile and leave with a smile.

I really need to give a lot of credit to Eastern College.  They are the ones who helped me see my full potential and then showed me how to utilize it.  The staff really love what they do and it shows!  They have changed my life and gave me the tools to be the best caregiver!  Thanks to Eastern College, many people who need care will receive the best care possible!


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