Student Success Story: Rowena Navarro

June 9th, 2017 / By Eastern College

For 15 years, Rowena Navarro worked in the banking industry. Layoffs began to happen and hours were getting cut. Thinking of her children, Rowena said that one day it just hit her. “I can’t stay here anymore,” she said. “I have to go!”

In that moment, she decided that going back to school was the best option for her. “I tried to look for a job, but it’s not that easy,” she said. “Because I didn’t have an education from here in Canada.” Rowena was referred to Eastern College by one of her friends who had finished the program she was interested in and was then working at an incredible company.

Rowena enrolled in the Accounting and Payroll Administrator diploma program at Eastern College and embarked on the journey of returning to school after 20 years. “I thought to myself ‘Am I going to survive here?’” said Navarro. “It was a moment of there’s no turning back. The only way was for me to go forward, so I had to face all of the challenges.”

After adjusting to the rhythm of life at school, Rowena was able to happily complete her program. She went on to complete her 10-week field placement at various companies through an agency, and is working towards a permanent position as a Payroll Coordinator with the Department of Community Services.

“This department is all about how they can help citizens to live better lives,” she said. “It is amazing to see and hear what they are doing to help people. I really believe in the cause.”

Since finishing her Canadian education with Eastern College, Rowena says that her life has changed like night and day. Everything is better. “For me, it was the solution to the problem,” she said. “Before I wasn’t thinking of going back to school and now I am done. I wouldn’t be here without the help of my family, their understanding and their support.”


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