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Electricians are difficult to come by, especially in this era of retiring professionals. Eastern College’s construction and industrial electrician programs equip students to complete the first year of their apprenticeship programs under certified instructors with a wealth of knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry that helps graduates land employment in the field after completion.

A Declining Baby Boomer Population

Baby boomers are in the process of retiring—this is pretty common knowledge and often taken for granted. This means that members of today’s workforce will replace the baby boomers in short order, and stand to make a lot of money in the process!

The Maritimes need skilled electricians as much as any Canadian province. The world’s growing population will need more buildings for residences and work—and those buildings need electrical wiring, of course! Work for electricians will be around for as long as the economy and the population continue to grow. Considering the world’s huge population and the fact that the 2008 recession now sits in everyone’s rear view mirror, we are confident that Canada’s economic future is a vibrant one.

More Hard Skills Are Needed

Everyone seems to have a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree these days, but academic backgrounds don’t come prepared with the job-ready skills that today’s economy demands of the workforce. In fact, fewer and fewer people in Canada have appropriate training in the trades, including the disciplines of construction and industrial electrician.

Experts have long predicted that Canada would lack enough trades people for national projects to flourish—especially in northern Canada, where building infrastructure has become a priority that has recently generated many jobs. Employment opportunities can always be found close to home when your skills are in demand, but it’s nice to have that professional mobility if you want it!

Canada’s highly educated population with university degrees also has an unemployment rate of over 13%. Only skilled trades people—like electricians—will bring Canada’s employment rate back into acceptable ranges. That begins with an apprenticeship in a Red Seal-approved electrician program.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Canada has made the initiative to harmonize its apprenticeship programs, and the Maritime Provinces are active partners in the effort. Specifically, the Red Seal programs will be administered in a way that will let apprentices pass consistent benchmarks and practice requirements across every province. You’ll be able to work locally, but you’ll also have the opportunity to work in neighbouring provinces if you want to explore your surroundings.

This is a serious commitment to the future of Canada’s workforce, and the government’s actions speak louder than words.

As you can see here, Nova Scotia will harmonize its Construction and Industrial Electrician programs by the end of 2017. The demand for skilled trades people is a serious opportunity, and Canada’s economic recovery since 2008 provides more opportunity for growth by the day.

Interested in pursuing a well-paying career as an electrician? Check out the program outlines for the construction electrician and the industrial electrician to get your career on the wire. Classes start sooner than you think!